QB: The point remains that this is the setup for some great stories. Madoka: Or terrible, horrifying, traumatic experiences. QB: great clearly means different things to usHere’s the page where the discussion got most fervent, and the highest comment count on any BICP update yet.

Possibly the highest overall…? ETA: Some time after I queued this post, I went back and figured out how to do it! Check out a bar graph of all the comment counts here. And yeah, it looks like this page was tied for Most Comments, only matched by chapter 26 page 20. (There are a couple updates that got more comics, but they weren’t comic pages.)

…To me, in retrospect, this sequence does look pretty awkward. Not sure how much that was “I already know it’s about to go wrong, so those feelings are bleeding through” and how much was “vague discomfort writing m/f (ish) romance.”

(Before anyone brings it up: yes, there are specific individual m/f ships I like; no, it doesn’t overwhelm the general trend.)

Bianca: It’s okay. You don’t have anything to be scared of. My precious Patrick . . . I don’t know how anyone could ever hate you.

Patrick: Let me know if this is pretty enough?

Bianca: As if you’ve ever had any trouble being pretty enough.

Patrick: Oh! Did you want my shirt off? I can take care of that.

Bianca: Yes! I mean, you’re gorgeous either way, but yes. If only Sparrow didn’t have to sleep in this bed later . . .

Patrick: Is that bad?

Bianca: Don’t worry about it. Just kiss me again.

Unless that’s — I don’t want to turn you on too much and then just leave you hanging. If that’s even a thing that happens to Beings . . .

Patrick: We can do physical arousal, yes! I’m doing it right now!