Politically Neutral Dog: All of them are appealingAaaaaand whoops, insta-naked Patrick.

…the retroactive extra layer for that April 1 joke is, nobody was saying “we’re not into men, so we would also turn down a trans woman who was shaped like Patrick,” they were saying “we’re not into men, therefore we would turn down a trans man who was shaped like Patrick.”

And no, Bianca, he doesn’t know how it feels to be acutely uncomfortable with part of his body. If Beings had a specific, fixed form in mind that it made them unhappy to deviate from, it would make all that rapid and fluid shapeshifting (between different human body types, even, not just human-to-animal) a lot more difficult.

Patrick: Here, Master, I can show you . . .

Bianca: Ah! Patrick, you don’t need to —

Bianca (thinking): Yes, he’s gorgeous, and I haven’t had a date in way too long, but that doesn’t mean I should . . .

Bianca: — mguh.

P-Patrick . . . Are you, um, comfortable? In your body, I mean?

Patrick: Why? Is there something wrong with it?

Bianca: No! Not at all! I’m just asking because — if you were human — I mean, there are lots of humans with bodies like yours — — and it can be a sensitive issue, sometimes there’s dysphoria, or — or you could have no idea what I’m talking about.