Trans pole vaulter Balian BuschbaumI wasn’t working from a specific reference to draw Patrick in 2013, but I want you all to know that for the process of annotating the page in 2021, I googled “sexy trans guy” and got this image of mostly-naked Balian Buschbaum.

Even if he’s not specifically your type, you can appreciate why Bianca is having a hard time focusing on Complex Moral Quandaries in this moment, right?

Bianca: . . .

You’ve been so . . . independent, these last couple days. Looking out for Kara Lynn, volunteering things you know, taking the initiative to go get money . . . But nothing’s really changed after all, has it? I don’t even have to give orders. You’re still going to be completely shaped by what I want. From the inside out.

Patrick: Is there something else you need me to change, Master?

Bianca: Don’t call me that!

Patrick: *whimper*

Bianca: Sorry, I — I shouldn’t have yelled, it’s not your —

Look, I need you to be in dog form now, okay? I can’t think straight when you’re this distractingly hot.