Pouring Water into a Glass.Gonna leave it up to reader interpretation whether Bianca needs time for a quick cry, or a quick…something else.

Meanwhile: it’s a little annoying that Jany, based on almost no experience, is jumping to conclusions about how easy Sparrow’s job-search should be. But not nearly as annoying as when older adults assume her search should go exactly the same as theirs was.

As of this writing, I’ve had a steady non-temp job at the same place for a few years. It’s very nice — most stable gig I’ve ever had! — but some of the details were clearly written by people who thought “you only need benefits if we hired you right out of college and will keep employing you until you retire, right? That covers basically everyone, anybody with a different employment path is a fringe case we don’t have to worry about, right?”

Not sure if that was set up by people who got their jobs 30+ years ago and still assume everything works the same, or if it was literally written 30+ years ago, and nobody’s revised it since.

Bianca: We’ll figure out a plan to throw off the traceability of this money, okay? For now . . . go find Sparrow and the others. But not right away. Wait in the stairwell for five . . . no, ten minutes. That way I’ll be fine by the time you get back.

Down in the hotel restaurant . . .

Sparrow: Another round of water for the table, please.

Jany: You don’t think she’s been yelling at Patrick this whole time, do you?

Sparrow: What? No! Bianca’s upset, but she’s nicer than that.

Jany: I wish it had turned out he was just hacking the ATMs. Then it would be a strategy Kara Lynn could learn.

Sparrow: So, ah . . . I’m getting the idea you can’t count on your parents, here. In general, not just when you’re on an expensive overseas trip that they don’t want to fund. Is that right?

Jany: Hmph.

Sparrow: That sucks. I’m really lucky to have a lot of support from my mom. Wish I was making some money so I wouldn’t have to.

Jany: Why don’t you get a job?

Sparrow: Well, gee, don’t you think I’ve been trying?