Rain Princess - painting by Leonid AfremovYes, Miranda is tracking the weather delays on other characters’ flights. Like the overinvested weirdo that she is.

Poe is doing her hair, the way Patrick used to do.

The Second and Third Pentacles of the Moon both protect against water-based perils, but I think that’s supposed to cover situations like “drowning in the ocean” or “storm washes your house away,” not so much “your flight was delayed.” (Sixth Moon is the rain-summoner.)

Jany: I was so jet-lagged I fell asleep in the theater, and Kara Lynn says I was out for at least an hour, but when I woke up, the planet was still five minutes from exploding . . .

Sparrow: You picked the right episodes to fall asleep for. When I was ten, I watched that on Toonami every day, and there was a whole week when . . .

. . . oh, hey, Patrick’s here! Great, now we can go back to the room and stop getting dirty looks from the waiters.

Hey, don’t look so down! I’m sure when we put our heads together, we can figure out how to throw that guy off your trail.

Patrick: Yeah . . .

I just wish . . . I thought I was doing what she wanted. I wish I’d understood . . . that she didn’t want it in the way I could give her.


Miranda: I wanted to see them today! Why couldn’t the weather have played along?

Poe: There are many things you can control, Master . . . but the rain is not one of them.

Miranda: Well, technically . . .

There are a couple of hacks that summon rain. So you’d think I could find and learn one to make it go away.