Law room scene from How To Get Away With MurderAt last, the first on-page appearance of Miranda’s mother. I posted her character design in June 2012, and didn’t get around to this page until May 2013.

The room she’s in is another “wish I’d put more detail in this overall setting/layout” situation, but you know what, those are some real nice bouquets of flowers in the windowsill. Props to past!me for putting that work in.

Poe: I can feel how important Patrick is to you . . . But you’ve never talked much about why.

Miranda: Why . . . ? Some people leave you. Others can’t be bothered to show up until it’s too late. He’s the only one who’s been there for me since the day we met.

Ten years earlier . . .

Miranda (flashback): And he said we had great form, and it was obvious my horse really trusted me! We’re probably going to win a bunch of ribbons!

Jessica: That’s wonderful, baby girl! I’m so proud of you.

Miranda: You should keep staying at home a lot, even when you get better. Then I can make sure you hear about everything!

Jessica: Miranda, love, we talked about this . . .

Miranda: Stop! Defeatist talk is not allowed. It’s like you always say — you can’t win the case if you go into the courtroom prepared to lose!

Voice offscreen: Miz Lake? Visitor to see you.