Ladder saying to a stepladder, 'You're not my real father!'A lot of readers were betting on “Cohen is Mandy’s dad/Patrick’s former Master” already. And no wonder, given that there are only like 2 men from the right generation in the whole comic.

But for the ones who weren’t, this sure pushed them in that direction.

Only about a chapter left until the official reveal. In the meantime, all I said was “Plot twist: Cohen is everybody’s father.

He’s secretly Timothy’s long-lost father. And Bianca’s real father. And Jany’s real father. And the real father of the pregnancy Bennett’s ex-wife lost. He and Walker have a kid somewhere, being held in reserve for a Dramatic Reveal.”

Miranda: !! Mom?! Is that HIM?

Jessica: He’s your daddy, baby girl. Stay with me and meet him.

Miranda: If he wanted to be my daddy, he had his chance! I’m not talking to him!


Offscreen voice: She’s through here, sir.

Jessica: . . .

Miranda’s father: . . . Jess?

Jessica: Hello, stranger.

Miranda’s father: You look awful.

Jessica: I have cancer. What’s your excuse?


Patrick: Aroo?

Miranda: Hello, doggy. Where did you . . . ?

Patrick: Your father brought me here. I’m a Being, and he’s my Master. You can call me Patrick. May I sit with you?