angel wings hair clipsAnother combo flashback, in Miranda’s “no green, lots of gold” style for the parts she remembers directly, and Patrick’s “sketchy lineart” style for the parts she only knows from his descriptions.

Bianca has her butterfly hair clip, Miranda has one with withe feathered wings. Partly foreshadowing her connection with Poe, partly as a nod to the unsubtle theme of “someone in this sequence is gonna be an angel very soon.”

Miranda: Sure, you can sit. If you’re a Being, that means you can’t help that you’re connected to him either, huh.

Patrick (narrating): No, I can’t. But why would I want to? When my last Master died, I was . . . thrown out. His family said I wasn’t worth keeping. Your father found me in the trash, and took me home.

Miranda’s father (flashback): ??

Patrick (narrating): He told me about you, once. Said you were with your mother, and he thought you were better off that way.

Miranda: That’s a stupid excuse. He just didn’t want to see us!

Patrick: I don’t know. Your mother was . . . very important to him. He never said so, but he’s my Master. I can feel it.

Miranda: . . . Am I important to him?

Patrick: I think so. He’s never met you, so it’s hard to tell for sure.