BWI luggage check-inI always like the trope of “Character X has Person(?) Y who’s attuned to their needs and desires, Y ends up saying/asking uncomfortable things because X subconsciously knows it’s what they need to hear.”

Still too cramped to give the “atmospheric scene-setting panels” their due, but there’s a bit of puddle-grass next to the curb that had the rushing water a chapter ago. Followed by an interior shot of Baltimore/Washington International airport…with a bit of Walker International advertising visible on the walls.

Miranda: Patrick ran away to get out of Dad’s life. That doesn’t mean I have to let him out of mine. Does that cover everything you needed to know?

Poe: Just one question, Master.

If you think your father was wrong to treat Patrick as less than human . . .

So why . . .

. . . are you doing the same?

Monday. BWI Airport.

Bianca: You’ve got my screenname?

Jany: Yes! I’ll be following your JournalPress to keep in touch.

Sparrow: You and a couple of teenaged otherkin.

Jany: . . . I’m not even going to ask.