Oprah car meme, captioned 'He was kung-fu fighting. She was kung-fu fighting. They were kung-fu fighting. Everybody was kung-fu fighting!'Finally got to the point where I couldn’t keep referencing Timothy’s job without giving the organization a name. So now it has one!

“Everybody Gets A Loaf And A Fish” is a play on Jesus’ famous loaves-and-fishes-based hunger relief program, and Oprah’s famous “everybody in the audience tonight gets a car” TV spot.

I’m glad we have the convenience of cordless phones everywhere now, but it does mean a worldwide loss of opportunity for these cute “cat playing with the phone cord” scenes.

This chapter ends the convention arc — which filled Volume 3 of the trade-paperback release, and is the last main-storyline chapter in the Master’s Edition Omnibus 1. It’s a good breaking point, with all the happy resolutions and tied-off plot threads. And just a little touch of Ominous Foreshadowing, to keep your anticipation going for the next volume.

And so . . .


Reseda: Everybody Gets A Loaf And A Fish community hunger programs, Reseda speaking! How may I direct your call?

It’s for you, boss!

Timothy: Hello? Bianca! Yes. Yes, okay. Really? No, never . . . Okay. Let me check on my schedule.

Have you ever heard about Beings having . . . bad reactions from spending too long out of the Game?

Reseda: Other than it getting really boring? Nothing I can remember. But it hasn’t happened to me in a long time.

Timothy: Well, I’m not going to be the one who makes you try it.

We’re going to be seeing Bianca soon anyway.

She’s having a meeting that isn’t supposed to turn into a fight . . . but she wants backup, just in case.

Chapter 11 ~ End