Dog getting a tummy rubMmm, tummy rubs.

Don’t worry, Jany, it’ll become very clear by the end of this chapter that Bianca is not down with the idea of “having her Being do sex-related things to please her that they wouldn’t spontaneously do on their own.”

Sparrow: What’s going on? Is he okay?

Bianca: He’s fine! He just showed up carrying —

Patrick, how much is that?

Jany: Kara Lynn, c’mere.

[thinking] If he had a standing order too — I don’t know if I can take this —

Bianca: Twenty, forty, fifty, seventy, ninety . . .

Sparrow: Whoa.

Since when can you whip out this kind of cash on cue?

Bianca: $450.

Sparrow: And how long were you planning on holding out on us?

Patrick: Now that is not fair! The first thing I did when we met, before I even knew you, was “whip out this kind of cash.” And you didn’t give me so much as a tummy rub in return!