Modern street ATMNote the characters pointedly not saying redundant things like “ATM machine” and “PIN number.”

First panel has a flashback scene that’s copied all the way back from chapter 1, page 3. There are a few of those throughout the comic, and they always caught my eye in the remastering, because I would have to reopen the updated version of the old page in order to finish updating the new page. And then I’d be like “wait, not only have my art skills improved between drawing the old page and updating the old page, they’ve improved again between updating the old page and updating this new page. I could re-update the updated old page to bring it in line with that, and…”

Then at last I take a breath and stop cold. Gotta avoid getting stuck in those infinite loops.

Sparrow: The ATM — and I haven’t been out of cash since —

Bianca: Like the extra twenty I found —

Sparrow: You too?

Bianca: Have you been sticking extra bills in our wallets this whole time?

Patrick: I thought you needed them! Was I wrong?

Bianca: Patrick, we can always use more money. That doesn’t make it okay for you to steal it for us!

Patrick: But I didn’t steal anything! I —

I took it out of my account. The one my last Master set up for me. He said any money in it was for me to use. And he still hasn’t closed it, or emptied it out, so it’s still all mine. Right?