Public domain DC montageAnd now, to raise the suspense just a little bit more: scene-change to a Bennett interlude. Baltimore and DC are very close together — they share the same weather.

One of the perks of setting [part of] your comic Washington DC: any artistic content produced by a US government employee in the course of their job is automatically public-domain.

So there’s a lot of nice, good-quality, free-to-use photography of DC that you can easily grab for your backgrounds.

(This is also a perk of setting things in space: every NASA photo is free!)

Sparrow, Bianca, Jany: !!

Kara Lynn: ?

TV characters: No way!

Bianca: Sparrow . . .

Sparrow: Yeah, Bee?

Bianca: Please take Jany and Kara Lynn down to the restaurant for a while.

Patrick and I need to have a talk. Master to Being.

Washington, D.C.: Same storm.

Staff member: Congressman? I had to rebook your flight for tomorrow.

Would you like to pass the time with a review of the energy policy draft Exxon sent over?

Bennett: Mmm.

Staff member: Or maybe an extra session of soundbite practice?

Bennett: Eh.

Staff member: . . . Arthur, are you moping?

Bennett: I am not moping. It just so happens that I think best while staring blankly into the rain.