99 names of AllahCybele and Bennett didn’t get much page time together before her apprehension. So here, have some “they can be adorable together, I promise” flashback material.

He’s reading The Reagan Diaries, which, in retrospect, sounds like I was doing a Vampire Diaries parody or something. But no, that was a 2007 edited/abridged version of Ronald Reagan’s actual diaries.

Cohen is going through the 72 angels/72 demons that correspond to the 72 names of God in the Tetragrammaton from Jewish mysticism, followed by the 99 names of Allah that are traditional in Islam.

He probably started with something more mainstream, like “the top 100 baby girl names in the US, right now in this year of 2010.” And “Cybele” isn’t one of those, so now he’s going weirder.

Bennett (thinking): Everything makes me think about her now. Even this storm . . .

Bennett’s memory:

Bennett (flashback): Hold that steady. A little thing like a citywide power outage is no excuse not to finish The Reagan Diaries.

Cybele: ‘Kay!

Bennett: And don’t do that!

Bennett (present): I’ve decided how to spend this afternoon. Grab a phone and get me in touch with Stu Cohen.

Boston. (North of the storm.)

Cohen: Berith? Astaroth?

Cybele: Nope, nope.

Cohen: Ieiazel? Mebha? Heri?

Cybele: Still nothin’.

Cohen: Al-Qahhār? Al-Wahhāb?

Cybele: That one’s pretty!

Cohen: But not yours, I take it.

Cybele: Nuh-uh. But it would be neat if it was!