Colbert Report screencap with Lady Gaga on inset shotMore on the design of Cybele’s holding cell — not least because I had to draw Cohen hanging around on the far side, so that space needed an actual layout too.

We saw before that the cell does have one (1) camera, so I did send the output to a monitor mounted on the wall. That’s not really the result of me putting a lot of thought into the cell construction…just putting thought into the panel composition. In short, I needed something visually interesting to break up that blank white wall.

And now I’m having one of those “aw heck, Very Specific Missed Opportunity” moments:

If there had been a bunch of different cameras, at various angles, I could’ve done lots of panels of “Cybele framed in the wall monitor, doing the same kind of poses and body language as Bennett does on TV.”

Maybe even some “Cohen and/or Bennett in the foreground, TV on the wall behind/beside their head, full-on ‘do you get it, the joke is that we’re just doing Daily Show graphics now.'”

Argh. This is right up there with Chapter 5’s total lack of playing with iconic CATS stagecraft.

(PING) New Message
Just got a visit request from . . .

Cohen: Well, this is interesting. Cybele, pretend you have real opinions for a second. How would you feel about meeting a new visitor?

Cybele: What, right now?

Cohen: No. In the near future. There’s a gentleman who’s taken an interest in your kind’s legal status. And who, apparently, would like to meet our resident law-breaking Being in person. Fellow by the name of Arthur Bennett.

Cybele: Ooh! Sure, he can come visit!

Cohen: Good, since I was planning to go ahead whether you approved or not . . .

. . . Wait a second. How do you recognize his name?

Cybele: I’ve seen him on TV!

Cohen: Oh.