Black braided updoAnother step in the “Bianca levels up at natural hairstyling” arc, combined with lingering fallout from the “most awkward con night ever” arc.

I was knee-deep in hairstyle references by this point. Not so much in sexy-pose references, as you can tell from Bianca’s fantasy sequences. (Or at least, I can.) Although maybe the fact that they’re kinda stiff and unnatural adds to the effect?

I’m giving them lightly-textured backgrounds in the Master’s Edition, instead of just plain gradients. Which means here we are on the first page of Omnibus 2, and I’m already doing the “occasional, very light” edits. You don’t think that’s a bad sign, do you…?

Our heroes have found their way home again.

Sparrow: Bianca? You in here? Ready to meet Miranda later this afternoon?

Bianca: Not at all! She always has fancy hairdos, so I need something respectable, and I don’t even know where to start.

Sparrow: Well, that’s easy to fix! Patrick! You used to do Miranda’s hair, right? Come do something neat with Bianca’s!

Patrick: Any requests, Master?

Bianca: As long as it’s something I can take down easily later.

(touch touch)

Sparrow: Ta-da! What do you think?

Bianca: I really need to get a date.