'What's in a name' engravingWhen you read BICP for the first time, do you remember if you clocked “Miranda already knows to call him Patrick” as odd?

I never settled on specific details about Patrick’s life directly before Cohen — not who his Master was, not what he was called. As of the current point in the story, that was only a few decades ago when he would’ve had another name…but he was so weak and run-down when Cohen picked him up, he probably had an unusually-high level of memory degradation.

Miranda: And what about the name? Did Sparrow choose that too? Or were you just, somehow, not able to change it?

Bianca: . . . You always call him “Patrick”.

When he said he was nameless, I tried to get him to pick a name of his own . . . Told him that, if making one up was too hard, he should pick a favorite from names he’d had before.

You really liked the name your last Master gave you best?

Patrick: Technically, yes . . .

. . . it was the only one I could remember.


Bianca: Listen, Miranda, I didn’t grow up around Beings, and neither did my roommmate. I haven’t been making strategic decisions, here. Everything to do with Patrick has been basically random . . .

Well, at least, it’s all been inadvertent.

Patrick: It would be less random if you would give more orders!