Double Trouble to Catra (She-Ra)Poe knows “deep down, she doesn’t really want to control everyone; I’m just waiting for her to figure that out.”

The background sigils are:

Top row: Third Jupiter (compelling Beings), Fifth Sun (instant transportation)

Bottom row: Second Mars (healing), Fourth Venus (instant summons), Fourth Mercury (knowledge)

Last panel: the Mystical Figure of Solomon (rewriting Being code)

Bianca: Okay, Miranda, you’ve made your point! I’m not great at this. I know! Can you let me back on the ground now? Pretty please?

Do you know what Patrick was going to say?

Poe: My Master wouldn’t want me to tell you. I just hope she makes a choice she’s happy with.

Miranda: Keep her there, Poe. I’m not done with this yet. –Oh, no you don’t! I’m not getting near you!

Patrick: …

Miranda: I — I just mean I won’t fornow! Because your first loyalty is still to her — And I don’t have unlimited power, here, I only prepared a set amount of pentacles —

But . . . I could fix that. If I want to . . . I have the command that could take you back.