Graveyard headstonesMiranda: “hang on, if she also has a Tragic Dead Parent Backstory, what if she’s the Anime Protagonist here after all??”

…no, seriously, this could’ve turned into a moment where they had a genuine connection and started talking as equals. Not saying it was guaranteed, just, there’s a nonzero chance Miranda would’ve gone for it. Except then Bianca almost talked herself into caving completely and giving Miranda whatever she wanted.

There’s a lesson about “don’t do your opponent’s work for them” in here somewhere.

Bianca: I . . . I can see where you’re coming from. I do! It’s . . . It’s been less than three years since my father died. And it doesn’t stop hurting. I know. I think about him every day.

So I understand why you’re doing this! And maybe . . .

Maybe you’ve got a point. I keep messing up as a Master anyway. I don’t live up to half the things I talk about.

M-maybe I don’t deserve to be . . .