Azula mid-breakdown in AvatarMiranda: “everything is under control and I am PERFECTLY FINE, why do you ask??”

…in spite of all the stress and tension, though, she’s genuinely flat-voice unimpressed in that last panel. And Sparrow is genuinely kinda flaily. Look at those faces! Almost 10 years later, still very good faces.

Bianca: Sparrow! There you are! How much did you hear?

Sparrow: Enough to know that everyone in this cave needs therapy! And don’t you dare make any decisions that depend on how good you feel about yourself right now.

So you’re not perfect — so what? Patrick depends on you! You can’t help him by yanking that out from under him!

And who says this girl would be any better? How were you planning to hold on to Patrick if you got him, huh, Miranda? Can a person have two Beings? Would you have to throw out Poe?

Miranda: No! I’m Poe’s Master. I’m not giving him up. I can still keep Patrick.

I’m holding onto him just fine right now, aren’t I? As long as he doesn’t have a Contract — a proper Master — I can do it indefinitely!

Sparrow: See? That’s some kind of Nazi plan right there!

Miranda: Are you seriously Godwining IRL right now.

Sparrow: I was being literal!!