gender spectrumLots of people in Timothy/Camellia’s life assume he’s either a gay drag queen, or a straight trans woman. Awkward as it is for Bianca, he’s surprisingly used to this.

If this took place in 2022, I would’ve had him say “not interested in men.” So, not ruling out all nonbinary people, but not ruling them all in, either. In-universe, his experience of attraction has all been with people who identify as women, but, well, this was 2012. We’ve come up with a lot more sophisticated language to describe Weird Gender Experiences since then.

…also, as a person who inhabits a Weird Gender Experience, Timothy only goes for bi/pan women. On the grounds that he feels too female to satisfy a straight woman, and too male to make a lesbian happy. That being said: did anyone ever ship Timothy/Bianca?

Evening, XXXX Station.

Bianca (thinking): So, Camellia — well, Timothy now, he’ll be in “guy” mode — and Reseda are supposed to meet us here . . . Then we walk a few blocks to where Miranda and Poe wanted us to rendezvous. And we hope like hell that she really does just want to talk, not to start another fight over Patrick.

Timothy: Bianca! Patrick! Over here!

Bianca: Thanks for being backup, you two.

Timothy: No problem. You seem worried. Afraid it won’t go well?

Bianca: No, it’s not that, it’s . . . If you want to know, I’m all preoccupied with this fear that I’ve been subconsciously fetishizing trans guys.

Timothy: Ah! Yes, that would be bad.

Bianca: You must have experience with this, right? If a guy hits on you while you’re all dressed up, how do you decide whether he’s decent or a creep?

Timothy: Easy! The decent ones graciously back off when I tell them I’m only interested in women.

Bianca: Maybe I’ll just save the world some trouble and never speak again.

Timothy: Nonsense. Then who could give Patrick his orders?