bank vault doorThe reveal of the other Being holding facility. No lights on down here, because Blake can generate their own, and Walker doesn’t need any.

When Cohen’s holding facility first appeared, I talked about some of the ways I could’ve designed it differently, if I had more set-design skills…and access to better references. If I was drawing this from scratch today, I’d do something similar for Walker’s — but unlike with Cohen, who designed and built his from scratch, I’d have Walker using a repurposed bank vault.

(Think of all the “why does Walker have a private vault? obviously she goes there to swim around in her money like Scrooge McDuck” jokes we could’ve gotten out of that.)

Ann Walker: Be a dear and open the door for me.

Ann’s Being: No problem, Master!


Sparrow (voiceover): In fact, y’know what? I’d lay down money that’s what killed it.

Maybe the tests they ran trying to kill it sped the process along, or maybe they could just as easily have sat back and waited.

Ann’s Being: Good afternoon, Lightning! How are you feeling today?

Lightning: Please . . . Just let me see my Master again . . .

Sparrow (voiceover): And I definitely bet that if it’d had a Master to stay alive for, it would have survived no matter what.

Ann’s Being: Well, maybe this will be the time he finds you. I challenge you!