Season 5 Catra and GlimmerFavorite comment on the original version of this page: “I want to believe Miranda just took a HUGE step back from the metaphorical cliff she’s facing, but I also thinks she maybe has one sensible moment in her for the week. This probably just used it up.”

…which I guess takes us back to Catra in the Western Animation Parallels for Miranda series. “Do one good thing, for once in your life!” being, not a fix for everything, but at least a noticeable turning point.

Miranda: Bianca. Orders from a Being’s Master override everything else. Tell Patrick to move, and he can move.

Bianca: That’s all I had to do?! Patrick! You can start moving and talking again!


Patrick: Yes, sir, ma’am! Right away! Never happier to be of service!

I would like my Master back now, if you don’t mind!

Bianca: I’d rather just be set down, please . . .