Cat stalking an eagle, labeled: Intimidate: It is a fine line between brave and stupid, too bad you don't know where the line is until you tread about 5 paces beyond itAhhh, so Bianca does have some inkling that it wasn’t All Planned This Way. She’s just doing a little face-saving.

Sparrow’s good with a bluff when it’s planned beforehand, but slow to catch on when it’s being improvised in realtime like this.

And so, their relationship shifts from “dicey rivalry” to “tentative joint custody agreement”…

Sparrow: So, hey, what do I do with this chick? Because I really don’t want her ordering her Being to dangle me over that gorge next.

Bianca: She won’t.

Because if all this was an elaborate test . . .

. . . then it’s over now, and she won’t need to pull any more fast ones on us from now on. It was all a test, right?

Sparrow: Uh, Bee, I know I only saw half of that, but I’m pretty sure she was seriously —

Miranda: — Testing you. Yes. You can call off your attack roommate now.

Bianca: Let her go, Sparrow.

Sparrow: I still don’t trust you any farther than I can throw you.

Miranda: Ooh, poor me.


I’ll need to spend time with him at least once a week. You can pick the places.

Patrick: You know her better than me right now . . . is she — ?

Poe: Doing something that will make her happy.