Cool cave lakeYou know, in theory…when Sparrow got pulled into the cave battlespace with the others…there wasn’t guaranteed to be a safe passage between them.

All the scenes before now were wide-open spaces. They didn’t have any preparation for what would go down if they were in separate, walled-off pockets of rock. Or if there was another of those big crevasses between Sparrow and the others.

Or an underground lake! As readers, we know there wouldn’t be anything living in a battlespace lake — but would you want to be the character who puts that to the test by going for a swim? I sure wouldn’t.

Fortunately for our heroes, this chapter was supposed to move the plot forward, so I didn’t want to throw a wrench in the gears. But if I had, this would’ve been a big one.




Back to reality.

Patrick: Hah! Victory is mine!

Timothy: You’re back! And we’re not in a battle of our own! So I guess everything went well, eh?

Sparrow: Oh, great. Now which direction did I come in here from?