Motivator with Kryten, labeled: Lawful Neutral: I HAD to obey him. It's in my programming to obey all humans. No matter how insane.Bee Count: 2

As drawn originally, Miranda’s stash of hand-drawn sigils is a bit large to have been stashed in her pockets earlier in the chapter. I finally got into a non-editing streak for almost 20 pages…now I’m breaking it to make these business-card-sized in the Master’s Edition.

We see very little actual content from the Beingkin forum (JournalPress community?), but here’s a quick flash of Sparrow leveraging it for Important Research.

Poe: Are you going to keep those?

Miranda: Wh-why shouldn’t I? I might still need them! For . . . something.

Sparrow (online): ace_and_time: Greetings, Beingkin! I’m looking for any audio or video of Being-style “magic” being done. I already have the news clip from when Stuart Cohen got the Rabbit on the subway. Got others? TIA for the help!

Camellia: You know, Reseda, today got me wondering . . . We both know I had a crush on you as Sister Lily. Why didn’t you stay like that?

Reseda: Are you kidding? Your dream girl only looks like Lily. She also has to be human. If I tried it, I’d only make you sad.

Patrick: You’re still very tense, Bee. I can tell. What can I do?

Bianca: You know what I need from you right now, Patrick. Just do that.