Princess SerenityTimothy’s aesthetic ideal is…well, it’s Sister Lily, obviously, but on a more general level, it’s “Sailor Moon princess femme.”

There’s probably a whole essay to be written here about women’s power fantasies and idealized images vs. men’s, and how Sailor Moon is full of imagery that taps into girls’ ideas about things — such as “what makes a cool, attractive princess” — in a much more authentic way than a lot of Media Created By Men Based On What They Think Girls [Should] Like.

Admittedly, Lily isn’t the best fit for this aesthetic — her Master clearly didn’t want her to be a girl-centric power fantasy. But Timothy isn’t picturing that guy’s version of Lily, not exactly. For one thing, his mental image is smiling.

…also, wow, at some point in the original-print-volume re-editing process, I totally deleted one of the texture layers on this page. (Notice how the pattern on Timothy’s shirt disappears from yesterday, and reappears tomorrow.) This makes me 3 for 3 on “editing individual pages for Omnibus 2.” Bad sign?

Reseda: Whooo’sa good dog?

Bianca: So, wait . . . does that mean Reseda is . . . your type?

Timothy: Not exactly.

It’s almost as if she’s gone out of her way not to be my “type.” Don’t get me wrong, if I met a wonderful woman who happened to look like her, it wouldn’t be a problem . . .

. . . but my romantic ideal is . . . very different.

Beings shape themselves into what they sense you want or need. It doesn’t have to be “someone you’re attracted to” — I really hope that’s not the case with Cybele, for instance.

I assume they could even mold themselves into something like “someone to argue with you”.

Poe: You know, Master, you can still change your plans. They’re not even here yet — it’s not set in stone.

Miranda: Not now, Poe. When they show up, I’ll decide on my own what to do.