cool gateFancy gates! New for the remaster, from the set I originally created for the Leif & Thorn embassy.

…and I could do the perspective better these days, thanks to Clip Studio, but replacing them would be a lot of effort for a very slight improvement, so this time I’m resisting. Edited pages: 3 for 4.

Reseda and Poe’s dynamic doesn’t get nearly as much play as Reseda and Patrick, but I did enjoy the opportunity to do this “come down, little birdie :3 :3 :3” scene.

Reseda: Is this really the right address? I didn’t think humans usually met in places like this.

Bianca: They — um, we — don’t. But yeah, I looked it up on Google, and this is the place.

Reseda: So your old Master’s kid is just weird, huh?

Patrick: Miranda is . . . a product of unusual events. She surrounds herself with death when she wants to prove she’s not afraid of it. Which is always.

So, Poe — Are you just going to sit there and watch us, or are you going to take us to her?

Poe: You never mentioned you were bringing friends.

Reseda: Yes! Friends! Come down here, little birdie, and be friendly.

Timothy: Easy, Reseda.