woman with falconDo you think Miranda has considered “a person with a normal big-taloned bird would wear falconry gloves here, so I’ll do this bare-armed, to show how badass I am”? Or do you think she has no idea, and Poe is just shapeshifting to make sure he’s too light/soft to hurt her?

Either of those makes sense…but a reader might, understandably, think “wow, this artist doesn’t realize that falconry gloves are a thing.”

Not gonna edit them in — that would mean redrawing every single panel with Miranda’s arm, for the whole rest of the chapter. And maybe future chapters, if I wanted to be consistent.

But if I was drawing this for the first time today, I’d take the Fashion Opportunity to have Miranda wear some absurdly fancy/expensive gloves that just happen to be bird-proof.



Poe: They brought friends.

Miranda: I can see that. We never agreed to involve outside parties.

Bianca: Last time we met, you had your Being break Patrick’s arm. I decided coming with backup would be in his best interests. I’m not going to let him get hurt again.

Miranda: Fine. It’s not worth fighting over. Let’s get down to business — Poe and I challenge you.

Bianca: What did I just say?!