Akira and HIkaru, from Hikaru no GoMiranda: “How are you supposed to be my Threatening Rivals if you aren’t already dedicated experts in the Game we’re playing?”

Bianca: “No, you don’t get it, I’m the Plucky Newcomer who has an Innate Talent but needs to spend a few tournament arcs learning how to use it. You’re the Threatening Rival who doubles as a conveniently-timed exposition dump.”

Also: first reference to the idea of conditional tag-team battles. Good thing Miranda’s around, because the potential add-ons and permutations are only going to get more complicated from here.


Miranda: Omigod, will you let me finish?

I mean a challenge with conditions. You can come up with your own set if you don’t like mine.

The point is to let us talk in private, without losing time in the real world. I don’t want my dad asking what I was doing out so long, do you?

Thus, a challenge with rules like “all the Beings can do to each other is arm-wrestle.” When we’re ready to leave, we tell them to go for it, and the Game ends with no harm done.

Bianca: Can we do that?

Timothy: As far as I know, it’s legitimate. But . . . if there’s anyone who could figure out a way to, well, game the Game . . .

Miranda: You want to help them out? Challenge us to a no-holds-barred fight in the even that we cheat. No sense me having Poe pick a brawl with Patrick, even a winning one, if he’d only get thrown straight into a new one with a fresh opponent.

Timothy: We’re willing. Reseda’s due for a battle anyway.

Reseda: Mmm . . .

Bianca: What about you, Patrick? Do you think we should go for it?

Patrick: I think we should do whatever you want to do.