Cave with giant crystalsOne of the consistent features of battlespace is, it matches the topography of where the humans/Beings are positioned IRL. If somebody is standing on a higher level, they’ll be up on a hill or something. If everyone’s on the same level, they’ll be together on flat ground — even if the flatness doesn’t extend all that far outside the positions of their feet.

What I’m saying is, Bianca could’ve guaranteed herself a seat in “cave full of cool giant crystals” Meggido if she’d found something to sit on before the challenge was issued. Maybe a nice gravestone?

Bianca: How weird is it that, after being instantaneously zapped to a mysterious magical battlefield that exists outside of normal time, my first reaction is, “Really, no comfortable place to sit?”

Patrick: Well, you’ve done this three times before. You’re probably getting used to it by now.

Miranda: It’ll do.