Boromir meme, captioned: One does not simply pity a foolHonestly, if the choice is between “someone pities me” and “someone sets out to attack me,” I’d take the pity. As long as they’re not actively making my life harder? They can have whatever opinion they want.

But please imagine Bennett’s “What am I saying?!” in the classic Bugs Bunny “What am I doing?!” yell.

Also: points to Bennett here for (a) picking up that this is a moment of vulnerability on Cohen’s part, and (b) realizing he doesn’t have the skills to take full advantage of it…but Cybele does.

Bennett: Don’t feel sorry for me, Cohen. I don’t want your pity! I —

What am I saying?!

Pity me all you want! I’m a sad, pathetic, wretched shell of a man. So much that it’s not even worth sending me to jail. Just letting me live my life is punishment enough!

Cybele: It ‘s gonna take more than that to win him over, boss! He’s feeling awful betrayed. I think he wanted you and him to be friends!

Bennett: Nobody asked for your opinion, Cybele!

Cohen: “Friends”?

Stupid an’ sentimental. I was hoping for an interested ally, obviously. Woulda been ridiculous to go beyond that, huh? Friends, hah! Don’t make me laugh. People in my position don’t have friends.

Bennett: . . . Cybele?

Cybele: Yeah, boss?

Bennett: I’m asking for your opinion now.

Cybele: Awesome.