Speak Fast EnglishCybele’s a pretty smooth talker, huh?

In the original run of BICP, I’m pretty sure “a mystery Being has visited Cybele while shapeshifted into Cohen” was one of the secrets that got Dramatically Revealed…twice. To the same character(s).

When editing the pages for the trade-paperback edition, I left this reveal in, and cut the other one. Now I honestly don’t remember when it was. If you do, drop a note in the comments.

Cybele: Now, you’ll need an excuse for why I suddenly disappeared! Let me think . . .

Cohen: What makes you think I would let you go?

Bennett: How long do you expect me to last without her?

Cohen: Good point.

Cybele: Exactly! Plus, you can order him to order me to do things. Having a secret Being to run errands could be handy too, huh? Especially after . . .

. . . well, you know.

Bennett: What’s she talking about?

Cohen: Nothing she could have any possible way of knowing.

Cybele: Oh, didn’t I ever mention? You have a security breach!

Another Being came in to chat with me a couple of times. He could say “Mr. Cohen”, so I know he wasn’t yours. Must have slipped my mind!