Success Baby, captioned: Accidentally used an awkward sexual innuendo phrase during a stiff interview, all four interviewers laughedCybele’s go-to form is the little girl, but she has this adult-woman form she’s used before, when she needs to be Tall. (Although last time it was for “reaching cookies on a high shelf.”)

Bennett probably thinks he got out of this in an extremely smooth way, huh. Nothing suggestive that anybody noticed, no Freudian slips that anybody could work out, total success all around.

Bennett: So, long story short, you need a secret spy to ferret out whoever is secretly spying on you? I will definitely need Cybele’s help for that.

Cohen: No. That’s a job for somebody I actually trust.

Bennett: In other words, a friend. Which you don’t have. I’m the next best thing, right?

Unless there’s someone you have more leverage over than you do over me. Somehow I find that very hard to believe! Especially since we’re on film right now. And on that note, please let me get up.

Cybele: What’s going on out there?



I can’t see you guys. Is everything okay? Cohen, if you hurt him, all deals are off!

Bennett: It’s fine, Cybele! We were just . . . negotiating! Right. Nothing else! And definitely not anything inappropriate for young eyes!

Cohen: You realize she’s older than both of us put together.

Bennett: Doesn’t matter! She’s still my little —

I mean —

This is your fault! You put this in my head, with your comparing Beings to children!

Cohen: Okay. She can go with you.