Walker the beanie babyA few years after this page was originally posted, we got a pink-rabbit Beanie Baby that looks almost exactly like Cybele. Its name is…wait for it…Walker.

I can only assume their scrapped plans include a dog named Bennett and a tiger named Cohen.

But yeah, unfortunately for Cybele, building security will be on a close lookout for anything rabbit-shaped. Fortunately for her, she can copy Poe’s trick.

Cohen knows “this isn’t something you ever get used to” in part because he’s seen the Tiger imitating Walker, back in interlude 2.

Bennett: So we have a rationale. We still need the mechanics. Can’t just stick you in Bennett’s pocket and have him walk out of here. No matter how good your Beanie Baby impression is.

Cybele: And you don’t have to! This is the very easiest part. Watch me on the screen!


I would need the security codes to make it in . . . but how closely do you check a “person” as they’re leaving?

Bennett: That is so creepy. SO creepy.

Cohen: Yeah, this isn’t something you ever get used to.