Cybele statueCybele-the-Rabbit is one of the characters I’d already created before bringing a reworked version into BICP, and I didn’t change her name to fit her new role. Which is why she’s named after a goddess from Asia Minor whose origins are several thousand years BC.

This is a little incongruous for Bennett. You’d think he would pick a name from the Bible. Or maybe one of the more-recent famous figures Republicans love to venerate. (Could’ve been anything from “Lincoln” to “Nancy”…)

Pretty sure this is the only page where it comes up. I felt like “spending lots of time and effort trying to justify it” would make the choice sound more incongruous, not less, so I just mentioned it briefly and then didn’t dwell.

Bennett (thinking): It’s time to admit that my original designs for a Being aren’t working out so well. I thought it was lucky when I ended up with her. Gave her the name of a goddess, made big plans . . .

She was supposed to be a “threat” for me to heroically stand up against. But even in her giant-animal form, people rarely took her seriously.

And her human form! I wanted her to look like someone I could imagine hiring — a loyal subordinate who makes me look good. Instead I got this playful, unruly little kid!

A kid who’s the exact age my ex-wife’s baby would have been, if she hadn’t —

Get ahold of yourself, Bennett. Tears are not part of your image.