Eye with pink iris and heart-shaped pupilCybele’s impression of Cohen is right on-the-nose. Just her luck Miranda (who’s been reading a manga on the couch there) is about the one person on the planet who can test it like this.

You can tell it’s Cybele because she’s using the Being-speech font, even though at this resolution it’s hard to make out the pink eyes. As of this writing, I don’t have a proof copy of the Master’s Edition, Omnibus 2 to see how they came out in print. Readers, anyone who owns the boxset by now, pull it out and tell us if you can see them?


Bennett (thinking): Huh . . . There’s been another of those power sigils out here the whole time. Just woven into the carpet. I wonder what this one does?

Miranda: Mr. Cohen.

Cybele (as Cohen): !

Can’t talk now. On my way out. Talk to my secretary to find out when I’ll next be available.

Bennett (thinking): Nailed it.