Dee from FAKEThe return of The Rug — and, in fact, entire copy-and-pasted room layouts, with the excuse that Cohen doesn’t do a lot of redecoration — from chapter 6 page 1 and chapter 6 page 4.

Here’s that shot from FAKE with the pose Cohen did on the cover, by the way. Dee here undoing his tie is a classy Sexy Move, but Cohen hasn’t gotten that far with Bennett yet, so I gave him a bottle to hold in that hand instead.

…Dee has the distinction of being one of the first fictional characters I encountered that not only was bi, but openly used the word. Cohen hasn’t used it yet, but you might’ve noticed how, last page, he simply said “no husband” instead of “I’m straight.”

Guard: Name and reason for your visit?

Bennett: Arthur Bennett, scheduled meeting with Stu Cohen, definitely nothing suspicious.


Bennett (thinking): There’s nothing wrong with “wing it” as a plan, is there?

Bennett: Hello?

Cohen: Bennett! So good to see you again. Come on in.

Welcome to the place where the magic happens.