Avril LavigneBennett: “Just to be clear, you’re not totally onto me, are you?”

Avril had dyed-pink streaks in her hair for a while. Maybe she was going through a Cybele phase.

…I don’t remember if, when this was written, I had specific Avril Lavigne songs in mind that Cybele would’ve been singing. Any readers want to make some nominations?


Cohen: Do you want a full tour of the facilities, or would you like to head straight in to see the Being?

Bennett: S-straight in! I’m not here to waste time broadening my horizons that much.

Cohen: Of course. Right this way.

Last I saw, she was going through an Avril Lavigne phase. I hope it won’t bother you.

Bennett: It probably would, if I knew what that meant.

Cohen: I would encourage you to look into the rest of our research later, though. If you’re going to be writing legislation on Beings, you ought to know these things.

Or at least, legislation on Beings’ Masters — which is all you can really do, right? They won’t honor any laws themselves. It’s all about what their Masters will order them to do.

You’ll be happy to know that we have that covered, too. We have studies demonstrating that there’s a fair amount you can figure out about a Being’s Master just by how the Being acts.

Bennett: You don’t say! So, uh, what have you figured out about the Rabbit’s Master? Anything interesting?