cute bunnyCome to think of it, Bennett’s kind of in that same Catra-esque space Miranda is, i.e. “they only think they want to be powerful and intimidating and strike fear in the hearts of others.”

Their Beings are aware of their secret real desires, and react to that in different ways. Poe gently prods Miranda about her desires, but overall cooperates with her plans, until she realizes on her own that she doesn’t want the results after all. Cybele cheerfully and actively pursues the goals Bennett actually wants, by calculating “how can I sabotage his plans without technically breaking his orders?” and “what can I do that would help, that he hasn’t asked for, but hasn’t openly forbidden, either?”

Miranda is sharp enough that she would notice Poe doing that, and put a stop to it. Bennett is…not so sharp.

Cohen: There isn’t much we hadn’t guessed from his behavior, but one thing has come up . . . In a lot of ways, Beings are like human children. Their programming comes with a strong “emotional” need for approval. It isn’t a perfect analogy. Humans can disobey orders, and can reject a parent completely if they’re pushed too far . . . but up to a point, Beings who are treated well or badly react a lot like children would.

It varies with the individual’s temperament, but in general:

A Being who’s too silent, or always looking frantically for orders, is cause for worry.

A Being who can be witty or sarcastic, who feels secure in taking complicated actions without asking Master’s approval first, who knows how to be playful, even sing and dance . . . that’s a sign of a Master who’s done something right.