Vintage ad labeled 'Bluffing: A new game for all ages and all sexes.'On the original running of this page, commenters were divided between “Hey, when did Cohen figure it out? What gave it away?” and “I bet he didn’t figure it out, he’s totally bluffing.”

…shades of Sparrow’s “bluff!” sound effect, last chapter. (The TVTropes entry for this particular flavor is “You Just Told Me.”)

And speaking of chapter 12, here’s an example of the “scenery shot, no characters, just voiceover” type of panel I said I should’ve used in the cave scene. Although since this is a building of Cohen’s, the scenery isn’t a breathtaking wonder of nature, it’s some half-empty liquor bottles. Sigh.

Cohen: Not that I approve of the man’s actions in general, of course . . .

Bennett: Oh, yes! Obviously not. Who would do that?

Cohen: Destroying public and private property, harassing and threatening the general public . . . even if those threats never made much of an impact, since we know she can’t harm any of us . . .

Cybele: Hello again! And you brought another visitor!

Cohen: That’s right, Cybele. He’s doing research for a law that would register and track your kind. Well, Bennett, here the Rabbit is.

As you can see, she’s been fairly easy to keep in check, no new tracking laws required. Why don’t you two say hello?

Cybele: Hi there, visitor! I’ve seen you on TV. I don’t get TV in here. Have you been on it recently?

Bennett: H-hello, Rabbit. I have, actually. Once on a talk show, and . . .

Cohen: There’s no need to be coy, by the way. I know she’s yours.