Alice in Wonderland screenshot, labeled FACEPALMThe upside of Bennett’s obtuseness is, Cybele has a lot of leeway to exercise her own smarts, and he doesn’t micromanage her into the ground because he doesn’t notice she’s doing it at all.

The downside is…sometimes he pulls one of these.

I still like the “Cohen casually studying his nails” bit.

Bennett: How did you–?

Cybele! You let it slip, didn’t you?!


Cybele: Gosh, mister, I don’t know what you’re talking about!

Bennett: Well, there’s no point in hiding it now, after you’ve already spilled the —

Cohen: She didn’t “spill” anything. We got almost nothing out of her. It was remarkable, really.

Bennett: Then how . . .

Cohen: Educated guess. Until a minute ago, I was still hoping it was wrong.

Bennett: …

Cohen: Have I mentioned how everything in this room is being taped?

Bennett: . . . What do I need to do for you to keep this under wraps?

Cohen: Why, if it isn’t the smartest thing you’ve said all day.