Life drawing in pencil (my art)The flashback style and the date should instantly clue you in that this is the New Year’s Eve party from the end of Interlude 1.

The soft greys in these pages were digitally-added (as were the greens, obviously), but the sketchy lineart was authentic Real Pencil on Real Paper. Which made them the hardest pages to update. I can erase a chunk of solid lineart and digitally draw a new one in its place, easy, but making a digital line that mimics the weight and scratchiness of my Literal Handheld Pencils is…trickier.

So I’m guessing I won’t be inspired to fight that battle again for the sake of last-minute Master’s Edition updates. Stay tuned to find out if that holds true.

New Year’s Eve, 19XX: New York City

Bar crowd: Ten! . . . Nine! . . . Eight! . . . Seven! . . . Six! . . .

Five! . . . Four! . . . Three! . . . Two! . . .

One! Happy New Year!


Cohen (thinking): This is the life! The company is on track to hits its five-year growth goal in only three . . . I just bought a nice West Coast residence that matches the East Coast one . . . I can afford to take enough vacation time to have some hobbies again . . . And I have a beautiful woman in my arms!

Let’s face it, Stu Cohen: 1985 is going to be your year.

Cohen: So . . . can I get your number?

Woman: How about you give me yours, and I’ll call you.