finger wavesDorks In Love(TM)

Mostly I save “spot-color on the hair and eyes” for Master and their Beings, but Jessica Lake (at least, in the Miranda-flashback color style) gets brown hair. Just to make it more striking that it’s the same palette swatch as Miranda’s.

I wanted it to be the most Classy Professional Black Woman hair possible, but specifically in an ’80s way. The internet told me that meant finger waves. Which, seriously, they’re beautiful, no wonder.

In the original run, Jessica and Miranda both had black eyes. I changed Miranda’s to dark purple, to make them (a) closer to her dad’s and (b) easier to make extra-detailed in close-up shots.


Lawyer 2: Are you really sure you want —


Cohen: I’ll be fine.

Lake: Stu.

Cohen: Jess.

Lake: You know, you could always just ask me out for coffee.

Cohen: You’re a strong, liberated modern woman. You could ask me out for coffee.

Lake: You don’t have to fight with me about everything.

Cohen: Sure I do. If I stopped, you’d get bored with me in ten minutes.

Lake: Don’t be silly. We agreed on half an hour.