'I want a baby' conversationsIf this had happened 20 years later, Jess could’ve had a great entry for the “I want a baby” viral challenge.

…also, if this had happened 20 years later, I would’ve had an easier time drawing the phones.

The microfilm/microfiche machines would’ve looked exactly the same, though. Since we stopped innovating better ones ages ago…but lots of archives still have have a big stash of micro materials, which are useless if you don’t keep around a way to read them.

Work goes on.

Cohen: I can’t believe this. Patrick . . . if I understand this microfilm correctly . . . I know what you are. And it’s not just an educated guess. It’s something I can run tests on.

Patrick: Really, sir? What is it?

Cohen: It’s that you were made by humans after all —


Cohen: Hang on, I’m being paged. By . . . Jess?

What are you calling about, Ms. Lake? I know we haven’t had any broadcast violations this month.

Lake: Really, Mr. Cohen . . .

Can’t we just have a casual, non-work-related conversation? Here, I’ll start: Have you ever thought about having children?