Illustrated ribbon getting snippedThat is the right thing to do, here. We talk (fight) a lot in the US about birth control for the people giving birth, but pay shockingly little attention to “maybe the people with the ability to get someone else pregnant should hold up their end of the responsibility.”

Good choice, Cohen.

Jess: . . . and if the condom slipped on this, it might have failed in other ways too, so be sure to get tested before seeing anyone else, all right?

Stu: Sure, of course.

Jess: Talk to your lawyers about setting up the funds, and have someone call me back. Don’t let it wait more than a month. And, speaking of the law . . . I’m doing interviews for some private-sector work. Moving away from public service. So just keep that in mind the next time one of your programs wants to tangle with the FCC.

Stu: Hey, somebody has to hold the line on free speech in this country.

Jess: You are so full of it.

Stu: Talk to you later, Jess.

Jess: ‘Bye.


Stu: You hear that, Patrick? Someone I slept with is having a baby! Do you realize what this means?

Patrick: What, sir?

Stu: It means that I have a solemn duty . . . to get a vasectomy at the earliest possible opportunity.