Adorable small black boyWalker has her Being use the “take the shape of a little kid, to throw the other people in the room off-balance” strategy.

Bennett has a Being who decides, on her own, “read your subconscious feelings, and take the shape of a little kid that reminds you of your own non-present human child, throwing you off-balance.”

Cohen tries to get the one, and lands smack-dab in the middle of the other. Whoops.

Cohen: *tch*

Well, you’re a good dog.

For this meeting, I want them to feel off balance. To be holding back, even if they don’t consciously want to. Show me your best little-kid impression.

Patrick: Yes, sir!


How’s this? <3 Cohen: Great. Now you’ve got ME off balance. Patrick: Is this not what you wanted? Cohen: Look, can’t you ignore my subconscious mental images enough to be blonde?