Thick book labeled 'But I'm A Cat Person,' skinny book labeled 'But I’m A Cat Person if Sparrow and Bianca asked Patrick to explain his whole life story in chapter 1'Bringing this meme back. Unfortunately, Patrick is not context-savvy enough to get that Bianca meant “don’t upset yourself by talking about your previous Master, except to infer what basic information we would probably want to know, and tell us that.”

Miranda is shown next to the Fifth Pentacle of the Sun (the teleporting one), while Cohen is with the Fourth Pentacle of Mercury (the knowledge one).

Bianca: Wait, wait, what? Does that mean your last Master was Stuart Cohen? And you never said anything?!

Patrick: You don’t like it when I talk about him!

Bianca: I figured magic-using Miranda’s rich white dad would be some guy named Mr. Lake! Instead, it’s rich white magic-user Cohen?

. . . Does this make Miranda Jewish?

Sparrow: Oh, no way. First, technically Judaism is passed through your mother. Second, that girl has no sense of humor.

Patrick: Also, she doesn’t believe in God.

Sparrow: Totally secondary to being Jewish. Trust me.