cover art for Vambrace: Cold SoulIn normal circumstances, human-shaped Beings do a decent job of mimicking human body temperature. And although Patrick doesn’t need oxygen to survive, he needs to inhale and exhale for the mechanical process of talking.

So he would be puffing out visible breaths on an average winter night…but right now, his overall power is too drained to keep the temperature up.

All that said, he’s not distressed about the literal temperature-cold in the first place. He’s reacting to the soul-cold of not having a Master to recharge from.

Cohen (thinking): Well, that settles it. Beings don’t feel cold.

. . . Hang on. When he talks, when he breathes . . . there’s no fog. If he was human, he would be dead.

Cohen: Who’s your Master?

Not-yet-Patrick: Nobody, now.

Cohen: Not for long. I want to make the contract.

Not-yet-Patrick: Oh, good. Repeat after me: I, (your name here) —


Guy #1: So then I say, babe, if you don’t like it —

. . . !!

Cohen: Gentlemen. You have a good night now, all right?

Hey — it won’t matter to them, but if you could look a bit less drunk . . .

Not-yet-Patrick: You’re warm.

Cohen: Uh . . . happy to help?