Family Guy FCC Song screencap…depending on the context of what this complaint is actually about, all of these could be reasonable arguments. We tend to only hear about the FCC when they’re overreaching — at least, that’s the only time I hear about them — and, like most government agencies, we take for granted all the stuff that works because they handle it well.

Of course, as far as Stu and Jessica are concerned, the substance of the complaint could be anything. What really matters is, it gives them an excuse to be alone in a room together for that 20 minutes. Or maybe 30.

Lake: You know how this works, Mr. Cohen. You can broadcast whatever you like between midnight and six AM, but during the day, there are standards.

Cohen: What kind of vague excuse for a standard is “patently offensive”? Is this 1990 or 1984? This whole thing makes a mockery of the First Amendment!

Lake: The government isn’t interested in regulating what your employees say — on their own time. But if you expect to take advantage of the public airwaves, then the public has a say in what you use them for!

Cohen: If the public has such a problem with one of our shows, the public should stop listening to it!

Lawyer 1: If we could have a moment alone with our client . . .

Cohen: No. You know what? Give me and the lady twenty minutes alone. No lawyers for me, no backup for Ms. Lake — just the two of us.

Lawyer 2: I really would not advise that.

Lake: Seriously, you think you can bring me around in just twenty minutes?

Cohen: Good point. How about half an hour?